When the Brain Switches from Conscious Self to a Less Engaged Brain. That’s Me.

When most artists are creating art the brain goes into the improvisation of creating. The active brain switches to the more unconscious brain while being creative. I have epilepsy.  My brain misfires.  I’ve had TC scans, five day EEG tests, and MRI’s to make sure I don’t have a tumor or cancer.  While painting my brain must change as well…as I improvise. Researchers asked jazz musicians to play a memorized piece of music, then improvise with another musician.  The researchers captured images of their brains as they played.

When the musicians go to an improvisation, the brain switches and different parts of our brains become less engaged.  This means that while I’m painting I can be in the moment and not worrying about the  end result.  My mind in the improv state is free to paint in the moment. 

Today’s inspiration…Daniela Andrade!  If you aren’t familiar with her…become familiar.  My favorite song “La Vie En Rose”.  Check her out. You won’t be disappointed.