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Jane Robinson

Use Coronavirus/ Covid Quarantine to Stay in and Buy Art.

Are you in Coronavirus Covid news overload? Wondering what to believe? What not to believe?

Well I bring good news. Sit at your computer and update your space. What a perfect time to redesign your space. Purge what isn’t working, pack up the inherited pieces that hold sentimental value but not your own style and begin dreaming of “the should be” of your space. Stay home and buy art (hopefully mine).

No need to start over from scratch just look and see what you would like to update. Remember the wallpaper everywhere phase? Orange or avocado green appliance phase? Floral furniture? Shag carpet? I’m sure (probably) that these examples are not your decor problems but I bet there is room for some updating.

You might be thinking that you just can’t do this by yourself. So where do you begin? With art of course. Art makes a big impact without breaking the bank. There was a time when you wouldn’t consider buying original art from the web but this was same time when you couldn’t tell Alexa to turn the lights off or buying Christmas gifts, clothes, etc. online. When I want to get ideas for anything I start a Pinterest board for the topic. For example I have a “garden”, “art I like” “hairstyles” “2020 life lessons”. Create a Pinterest board and then get moving – take action. I know too many people (and I bet you do too) who talk a lot, consider too long and never do it.


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