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choosing artwork based upon your style

Tip #3- Selecting wall art by style

Of all of the ways to choose wall art, decorating your home based on style might be the most natural. More than anything, selecting wall art by style is personal. A few examples of styles to use include: a focus on antique pieces, a bright, bold form, or a Bohemian look. But don’t feel boxed in. Explore and experiment with art.

Selecting artwork

A secret trick is to select a fashion designer you like and mimic your home based on the style of that designer’s clothing. Is your home a Levi house or a Ralph Lauren?

Selecting your artwork for your home

Make your decisions based on what you like after applying specific parameters like size or colour scheme. Are you at a loss of where to start? Try to find a piece for each of the following categories:

Choose pieces that speak your “language” including the furniture you already have or articles you have accumulated along the way. Don’t worry about matching the sofa. That thinking went out of style years ago when people decided they were the designers of their own space.That one statement piece can add that pop of personality to your home or office.

Contemporary home with statement art.

Invest in at least one significant or oversized piece you’d love to see for years to come. That one statement piece can add that pop of personality to your home or office.

The bottom line is…choose what speaks to you! Your home is already your style – add the personality – ARTWORK.

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