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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain 60"X36X1.5  $2100

This is how my week went…grrr

“Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will” – Karim Seddiki

I’ve talked about my creative time…and how it brings about all the positive things when I create, but I didn’t mention how all artists hold a bit of self-doubt at times.  When a painting isn’t working.  It is appearing to be going nowhere.  It is pure muddy paint.  The artists I know all tell me about their self-doubt.  Some even told me they feel like an imposter.

I have worked on a painting all week that has been going nowhere. Muddy paint. I keep working it and working it. It just wasn’t working.

So what I do?  Sometimes take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes.  At other times I stand back for a moment, rotate the canvas several ways and see where I can go from there. 

I believe that all of us have moments of self-doubt.  Some people have a lifetime of it.   A good start to creating a refreshing state of mind is to refresh your space.  By incorporating a new color into your space it can give it a whole new feeling…calming, alive, exotic.  Create a reading nook, a workstation, a studio, a luxurious space.  Come back to your life with new eyes.  Rotate it a bit if it isn’t working the same ol’ way.  Self-doubt will keep you stuck.  Bring some color into your soul.

Large blue, multi-colored abstract painting
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain 60’X36X1.5