President Barack Obama dancing

The Happy Dance When You Buy New Art!

It Arrived!!!! A Jane Robinson Original!

In this era of cocktail relationships, high stress jobs and mobile lifestyles, mere art-viewing can bring a certain level of happiness and solace. We can imagine the stress of being Barack Obama….in and out of office. When he gets home his personal life and space is a reprieve from the negativity and haters.

According to Professor Semir Zeki’s research, a neurobiologist at the University College London, viewing of art increases dopamine and the activity in brain’s frontal cortex which results in experiencing pleasure similar to as being in romantic love or recreational drug taking. Isn’t that a good enough reason to add few pieces of art to your surroundings?

Buy original and the emotion doubles. It’s your unique art, your personality and your space. Wanna try it? Buy, return, no questions asked.

Increase your dopamine. Increase your viewing pleasure. Decrease your stress. Win. Win. Win.

Artist Jane Robison original abstract painting