Jane Robinson modern abstract painting

The Color Crimson Makes a Statement

Using Crimson in your decor makes a statement. Crimson isn’t a shy color, but it won’t run away with a room if you pair it with the right hue. A robin’s egg blue is a compliment to the color crimson. Since green is the opposite of red on the color wheel shades of green are also good colors to use with crimson.

Vibrant crimson can add a healthy dose of energy to any space. When paired with other saturated colors like burgundy, royal blue and olive, this bright shade of red can’t help but shine.

The message being is that there are many color palettes that work well with the color crimson. Don’t worry if you think this wouldn’t work in your space. In almost any décor it will work. Add the energy of crimson in your home.

This particular painting has the strong color of crimson also a very textural section of crimson, molding paste and golden nuggets.

My message is always consistent in regarding using original art in your home, office or public space – make a statement. Use original art to showcase your unique personality and design sense.

Maybe the color crimson is just what your space needs.

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