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When you begin living your life as art.

Live Your Life as Art

I know many people who have always felt outside the circle of “normal”.  Maybe they felt as an outcast at some time in their life.  Too flamboyant, too free spirited, too anything.  When you grow into yourself you finally feel free.

When you focus on you, you grow.

When you focus on shit, shit grows.

Read that again.

I always was in the circle of feeling “like me.”  I survived many challenges in my life and ended up at the other end feeling “like me.”  But a couple of years ago I began having temporal lobe seizures.   What?  How?  Hmmmm.

During a seizure, there are bursts of electrical activity in my brain, sort of like an electrical storm.  This crazy thing has changed several things in my life.  I could not drive for many months.  My meds caused havoc with my emotional health.  My  memory became terrible.  Spelling correctly became a problem.   My seizures continued and more meds were prescribed…and on and on.  The one thing that never changed…was my creativity.  In fact it was good medicine.  Studio  time was imperative.  It always has but this crazy brain required the meditative act of creativity and … the improvisation of jazz music and my brush.

Throughout it all I live my life as art. Are you?

My brain is experiencing technical difficulties….please stand by.

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