Modern abstract painting

Have you made this common interior design mistake? Why you should select your art first.

Choosing colors for your space from your artwork
Imagine what colors would work in designing a new space.

Are you making art an afterthought of your interior design. Too often when people are designing their new homes or updating a space, they choose their paint color after endless hours of browsing the endless paint chips at Home Depot. They search and search for the right pieces of furniture, window treatments and rugs. Wha-lah!! Now all we need is artwork.

The best advice I have is to choose your artwork first. Have fun at Art Fairs, Artist open houses, art studios, or online Galleries (Ugallery is a favorite) or Etsy. When you find a piece you looove begin dreaming about building your color palette around that piece. Art really should be a focus point in your home since that is what people’s eye is drawn to. Make a statement. Show your unique personality with unique original artwork. Don’t worry you needn’t spend a boatload of money…but try not to buy prints unless this is what your budget needs. But they just don’t have the same impact.

Interior design picking your artwork first.
Add a complimentary piece for audio all impact.
Contemporary home with statement art.

Your space is most likely not this minimal design but see how adding art as a focal point adds drama, color and opens the rest of the space a complimentary palette.

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