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Give a Little Abstract Color this Christmas

Give a little abstract color this Christmas. The symbolism of Christmas is colorful and invokes feelings of beauty, kindness and love. While most people might be fighting over the big T.V. the latest thingabob or empty giving gifts, why not give the gift of a thoughtful gift such as a painting. There are a couple of things to consider when picking the right piece.

1. If you are giving this wonderful artwork to your spouse it’s easy. You know the space, the wall and the color you are looking for. Give it them (knowing you love it) and you can almost guarnetee it will end up in your home.

2. If you are giving this gift to someone setting up their first home try to match it to their design style. Traditional ? Contemporary? Mid-century? Minimalist? Look at their throw pillows. This often you an idea of a pop of color they are comfortable with.

3. If this is a gift for someone who lives faraway make sure you are willing to pay shipping from the artist’s studio and back.

4. Now this is probably the best option to give a little color to your loved one. Call me. Email me. Reach out and I will help you select a painting for the recipient. Remember I create commission work as well. A gift certificate so the recipient can select their own. I offer ten days returns so they can try it and return if it just work perfect. You want your little abstract color to be perfect…and so do I.

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