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Design Mistake #2

Buying Everything at One Store

A common decorating fail that a lot of people fall prey to is purchasing everything at the same store.  The store sets up vignettes use all the furniture, rugs, accessories of the store that say, “that’s the look a want”.  It’s tempting because you doubt your ability to pick items that compliment your preferences. If you want your home to be devoid of personality and look exactly like the pages of a store catalog, then, by all means, purchase everything from a single store. But if you want your home to be interesting, have character, and showcase who your personality then you’re going to need to fill it with items from more than just one retailer.

I love Crate and Barrel. Besides the fact that sold all of my original paintings, I like the style and price point. But this doesn’t mean you can’t show there. Just don’t do all of shopping there.

Incorporate items you have found travels as memories. Go to art fairs and find the unusual piece that it yours alone.

 The items in your home should be reflective of your personality and should look like they’ve been collected over time. That said if you really love a particular store’s aesthetic it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue shopping there. All it means is that you should branch out and try different things from different places on occasion.  Add original art rather poster art.  Original artwork comes at all price points and very unique styles, colors, etc. Go to art fairs and that glass vase that add that unique touch to that side table.