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modern abstract painting in home

Decorating by theme

Beach theme wall art- Decorating around a theme

Did you decorate (or buy) your home around a certain theme or idea? Even if you did not start with this intention, many purchasers select items based on a theme, even if subconsciously. Others are willing to mix things up a bit. Eclectic.

For example, a home with a beachy feel has light or bright walls, artwork of sea life, pieces made of driftwood, and more.

Homes with a theme are simple to decorate because you can quickly eliminate items that do not fit your theme.

Whenever you are in a store selling home goods, merely scan the space for pieces specific to the theme. Also, pick up pieces when on vacation, with family or friends, or even in unexpected places like garage sales.

Mid-Century Modern

Shabby Chic

Urban Modern

Industrial Chic

Statement! Personality! Unique!

Homeowners that are patient in decorating with a concept, like the beach or Urban Modern in mind can save money by directing their attention down one path.

Hey- or come to a fine art show and see some great art that you would like to add to your home…even though it doesn’t match your theme!

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