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COVID 19 and Creativity

This unprecedented time presents challenges for each of us to make: we can choose to lay low, grumbling about the quarantine, or binge Netflix or we can choose to challenge ourselves create or learn a new craft.

I know you are thinking easier said than done but really think of using this time to embrace your create growth. As artists we believe in embracing growth even when it is uncomfortable. We are seeing a time when there is no more “normal ” . Our economy is struggling, businesses are uncertain of their futures, and we wonder if life will ever get back the place we took for granted. As artists, we all have unique gifts that we can use to solve problems, encourage others, and make positive impacts.

I encourage you to stay positive and motivated during this time of isolation and uncertainty.

1. Enjoy the time to create

Studio time can become your santuary. The place you forget the world’s problems. We may be feeling alone or contained, but that does not mean we need to restrain our sense of creativity. Most us realize that our studio time and creating we lose our sense of time or outside thoughts. During my studio time I ALWAYS listen to my favorite artist or genres while creating new work to take me a place few have experienced. These next few weeks offer an invitation to become hyper-focused in our talents. This may mean diving deep into studying elements of your craft you have not yet explored, finally learning those skills (unlimited form of creativity) you’ve have been putting off, or simply giving unfocused attention to creating something new.

2. Provide a Feeling of Understanding and Generously

Not only is this prime time to create, but it is also time to understand the world and individual pain this unprecented time has brought. Share your inner sense of creativity and well-being. Share it with the world. Each of us has something to offer and we don’t know just how much it may encourage or inspire others around us. Write a new song and upload it to YouTube, start a haiku challenge on Facebook, share your new work. Show images of your studio and share your challenges and frustrations of creating new work. This might give others support or the sense of not being along or encourage others to create. Maybe cooking, reading music, etc. Anything. Generously create and share your gifts with those you love, your community, and the world.

Beyond what we can create, we can practice generosity by being a good neighbor, family member, and friend. Stay connected with your community through the technology we have at hand, ask what you can do to help those who may need it, and stay positive.

3. Practice Gratitude

Here is a simple way to practice gratitude:

Anne Frank and 7 other people hid in a 450 sq.ft. attic for 761 days, quietly trying to remain undiscovered in order to stay alive.

You’ll probably be fine in your house…with your wine, your Grubhub and your Netflix. Feel grateful yet?

Enough said.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ and Updates

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