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Earth tones abstract painting

Art isn’t everything…

It’s just about everything. -gertrude stein

The meditative act of creating is part of our human experience. The act of creating itself is meditation.

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you lose track of time?  That’s me when I’m painting.  This is often the case when people are listening to music, writing, fishing, yoga, learning a new skill, playing music and many more activities.   It becomes part of our experience.

The act itself is meditative.    Since the beginning of mankind there has been a need to create art.  It’s part of our soul.  Part of  our being.  It is about everything.

The meditative act of creating. Part of our human experience is being engrossed in a creative act.
Golden Hour 30″X40″

Today’s muse: Eartha Kitt- Wear Your Love Like Heaven