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A New Logo – New Website

jane robinson

A new logo, a new look for my new website. I employed a design team to help create a new logo. In the past I always made my own on Vista Print and would change it whenever I felt. When I would back at past logos I made I was never happy to stick with it. That is important to build your identity and brand. Now I really wanted to build my brand and I knew I needed a professional logo. It sounded easy. The key word “easy”. It really wasn’t. The design team provided several options but they all looked like they represented an accounting firm. I wanted something a bit more creative and gave them more suggestions. They reworked them and provided another three options taking my instructions into account.

This new logo still seemed a bit formal for me but when I took a second and third look it did look professional and still me. The tag line is also part of my identity so this was important element as well.

I hope you like it and when it see it a variety of places and on items Artist Jane Robinson comes to mind. Cheers.