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Color? Couch?

Tip #4: Should You Select Wall Art By Colour?

I’m excited to go back to the Chicago Spring One of a Kind show in April. This show is a MUST for everyone to put on their calendar. There is also .a December holiday show each year. Both shows are outstanding but the spring show emphasizes fine art…not Christmas stockings etc.

But what I am looking forward to most (outside of selling art) is meeting new collectors or seeing past clients of mine. The whole weekend is an art fest. When I get access to the complimentary tickets I will be sure to post here.

One of the most common conversation I have with attendees is the ole “should the art match my sofa” one. Smile. The answer….drum roll…is EITHER OR.

Did you know in the world of decorating, there is a big difference between room colour palettes versus the colour palettes of art? With art, there is more allowance for the use of bold colour schemes or the brights you may only reserve for an accent wall. After all you really wouldn’t want your living room walls a bright violet but you might want the large painting over the sofa to have bright pops of violet or fushia or cobalt blue or crimson red.

There are two major approaches to selecting your wall art by colour.

First, add art to your room that incorporates colours you already have in the room. Often sticking to a consistent scheme is cohesive, sophisticated, and complementary. Basics of this style include:

Decorating with room colour palettes versus the colour palettes of art
Art compliments the couch AND the decor.

Your most significant piece of artwork should have some colour that matches your wall colour. Use the same colour but in different shades.

A light blue and white painting looks beautiful with a navy-blue wall.
Only choose wall art if that exact shade is already in your room. Most spaces should not exceed four colours to look pulled together.

Keep the colours in your wall art equal in proportion to their presence in the room. For instance, if your place is black and white with red throw pillows, select wall art that is black and white with a touch of red.

Alternatively, choose art for your room that introduces bolder shades on the same colour scheme. Your wall colour does not restrict your palette but instead serves as a baseline for your evolving sense of personal style.

Bright pieces stand out against walls with neutral backgrounds.
Tie together the room with style rather than colour. Pieces from the same artist (Jane Robinson) could be different colours but pulled together with the style of painting.

Play with texture and colour in wall art, furniture, and accessories. Buy pieces made from mixed materials like wood and metal. Adding the colours of the artwork to the accessories of your room emphasises the boldness of your wall hangings.

Introduce a new colour into the room in twos or threes. One occurrence of a bright pink could be accidental, but two circumstances make it intentional. Repeating colour increases its impact in the room.

So the bottom line is yes and yes. You must take into account the colour palette and styling of your home. BUT..the most successful design needs to break a few rules to be original. You, your home, your personality AND your art!.

Live your life like art.

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