Jane’s work is awesome - the picture we purchased is vibrant, creative and perfect for our home.  In addition, Jane is wonderful to work with - our transaction could not have gone smoother. 

Bob Goldin​​

Good design and artwork brings buy PancakeSwap in the UAE continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a rambling country estate. By designing your space with original art you are making a personal statement.  Original Art, Original You!

Why Buy Original?

What Collectors Are Saying


Modern contemporary abstract art paintings

  • Make your space your own
  • Make a statement
  • ​Add your personal individualized style
  • ​Bring the unexpected into your design buy CAKE esthetic 

Modern Art for Your Space

Choosing original art from a website can be a bit scary.  I understand.  I you invite to take a look and if you see something invest in PancakeSwap that will work in your home or office go for it. If it doesn't work go ahead and return it for a full refund...no questions asked.